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JJ the Bengal cat's journey from 4 to 3

JJ developed a growth in his shoulder called Osteochondroma

JJ the Bengal cat's journey from 4 to 3

Day 8/9 – very quiet

April 12th, 2017 · 4 Comments · Uncategorized

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So today was JJ’s first full day without his strong medication. It didn’t go well. Yesterday as his strong medication wore off, he seemed a little quiet, but other than this was ok in himself but today there was a BIG change. He went from eating, drinking, using litter box, grooming, playing, coming out of his crate for short bursts to motionless and cruled up in a ball. He wasn’t crying in pain, it was worse, it was like he had given up… didn’t lift his head when we called him name, refused food and just did not want to move. He let Dan pick him up and just stayed rigid. This was not our JJ, it was certain something wasn’t right.

I remembered the pain scorer that Purrkins sent to me and this kind of behaviour is like the worst pain score. Now I’m not certain he was in quite that much pain but he certainly was in some discomfort.

So I called my vet to see if I could get some pain meds, even if it was just to tide him over until tomorrow when he is due to have his stitches out. The vet was too busy today, all appointments where fully booked and he couldn’t issue JJ strong pain killers (I’m not sure why, it sounded like he didn’t have authority to which seemed odd). He suggested I call the hospital which did the operation and said they may have something stronger in their armoury to give him. This wasn’t my first call as it’s a big trip away and I wanted to avoid the pot of having to drag JJ all this way to be assessed. So I called, expecting little to no help after the last time I tried. This time it was a whole different story. I spoke to the receptionist and she reissued the meds immediately and said they would be ready to pick up tomorrow. I questioned if I could get it sooner and she said call back later today.

So I waited and called at 5:30. They were ready so I made the trip over there after work and got them. I gave it to JJ as soon as I was home and within 30 mins… he was bright, alert, eating, wanting chin tickles and even wanting to play! He is like a different cat! So my instincts seem to have been right, he must have been in pain. He has been a bit wild. I thought I would take off his baby vest to let him have a bit of time free. He immediately started licking so I moved my hand to get his attention and move his head away from the area… OH MY GOD… he proper shouted at me… so much so I jumped out of my skin!┬áHe growled, hissed, swiped and screeched all at the same time. So I quickly just put his vest on and backed away. He headed back to his crate where he has now settled back down to eat.

Pixel has been a bit of a nightmare… he keeps getting close to JJ and as soon as he is anywhere close, JJ kicks off. So we then take Pixel away. Pixel then sits at the door and crus and crys to be let in, he has brought a pile of about 5 toys and placed them in front of the door (like presents so that we let him in). He has been jumping at the handle. Each and every time.. we feel bad, so cave and let him back in but then he goes straight to JJ and it all starts again! I’m hopeful JJ calms down now that he shouldn’t be in pain. I don’t want to even think about the fact they could now permanently hate each other.

We will see the vet in the morning to find out if this is normal and get JJ checked over in case there is potentially something else going on.

Thats it for now!

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4 Comments so far ↓

  • otisandtess

    Great job advocating for JJ! I am so glad they refilled his meds. He obviously needed them.

  • purrkins

    I’m sorry JJ was in pain & you had to run for more pain meds! Our gut instincts are always right. Learn to trust those. I hope you all have a peaceful, painfree night & a good visit tomorrow!
    Do not hesitate to ask all of your questions .
    I would also ask about the Gaba.
    The boys will get back to being brothers in a couple of weeks. Calming sprays , multi-cat diffusers, wipe JJ down when you get home from the Vet. All of those things will help.
    JJ needs to feel better first, he feels vulnerable right now.
    Holly & Purrkins

  • joy74

    Glad to hear he’s generally doing better but can only imagine the pain he must have been feeling, poor baby. Good thing he’s got a good pet mom to advocate for him and get those refills ASAP

  • benny55

    Yes, you are indeed a great advocate for your handsome JJ!

    I know this recovery phase is rough. Every dog and cat recover in their own way and st their own pace. Hang in there! JJ and Pixel will be in their normal routine soon.


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

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