50 Days on…

Well it has been a while. So sorry for not keeping you all updated. There has been so much going on that I’ve just had no time to post.

JJ is doing brilliantly. Since my last post we had him checked and everything was confirmed to be ok. So it was just anxiety. We have worked very hard to help JJ gain confidence and it’s now starting to pay off. Every day he takes steps towards being as outgoing as he was before and surprises us by conquering something he used to do.

Milestones of note (I know these seem normal but a few weeks ago I feared he wouldn’t ever do any of this. He was a terrified mess):

– climbing to the top of his 3 tier barrel (which steps to help)

– sleeping on his barrel

– sleeping somewhere other than his safe place (his dog crate) out in the open

– following me downstairs every morning (when it’s quiet)

– following me downstairs on an evening (when it’s quiet)

– sharing his cat cave with Pixel

– climbing on and off the bed

– using his old litter tray in the bathroom

– waking me up in the morning with his hungry cry and sitting at the foot of my bed shouting until I get up to feed him

– catching a spider

– letting us tickle his belly

– giving me head bumps

– watching the birds out of the window

I cannot explain how happy and relieved we all are to see him coming along like this. I’d almost given up hope of ever seeing him happy and comfortable again. I am so proud of him. We still have a way to go, but we are finally heading in the right direction.


Jumping on the bed
Looking good